• Intersecting secant theorem worksheet
  • The Wayback Machine is a deegital airchive o the World Wide Web an ither information on the Internet creautit bi the Internet Archive, a nonprofit organisation, based in San Francisco, Californie, Unitit States.
  • Jan 25, 2017 · And a “Wayback Machine” Android app. 3. Wikipedia JavaScript Bookmarklet. Nobody loves a primary source more than a Wikipedia editor. To that end, they offer a Wayback Machine JavaScript Bookmarklet that allows you to quickly save a web page from any browser. 4. Volunteer for Archive Team. Archive Team is an entirely volunteer driven group ...
  • Game Revolution (formerly Game-Revolution) or GR is a gaming website created in 1996. Based in Berkeley, California, the site includes reviews, previews, a gaming download area, cheats, and a merchandise store, as well as webcomics, screenshots, and videos.

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Her er de to bedste Wayback Machine alternative sider, der tilbyder nogle unikke funktioner bortset fra arkivering af websteder og hvordan det så ud i fortiden.